Nines value harmony and a state of inner comfort. Representatives of the body center, they feel discomfort on a physical level when there is a conflict around them and therefore have the unique ability to avoid conflicts and create harmony, following the needs of other people, while suppressing their own. “Go with the flow”, “Do not rock the boat”, “The path with the least resistance” reflect the preference of Nines to conform to others, ignoring their own needs and desires.

Their gift of accepting others makes people feel understood and accepted. They are easygoing and likable. Their sense of justice can turn them into perfect fighters for common ideas, easily forgetting about themselves. They like to be socially influential. At the same time, they are modest, humble, sometimes even almost invisible as they do not consider themselves very important.

Nines are very emphatic. They can easily feel what others feel as they easily focus on others, losing themselves.

They are quite industrious and hard-working. They like to perform well-known tasks and adhere to the procedure. Making decisions is difficult, and exhausting for Nines. They are indecisive. They also have difficulties prioritizing, so they often choose to do what’s easiest or do several tasks simultaneously having a hard time completing them all.
Another difficulty for them any issues that go about any sort of conflict or confrontation. They become inert and lazy putting off exhausting tasks. It’s hard to push Nines with deadlines. They will not argue, they will not say “No”, but they will procrastinate or do their way. Their “Yes” means “I heard you.”

At their best

They are friendly, peaceful, agreeable, generous, caring, diplomatic, emphatic, supportive, patient, modest

When they are unhealthy

They are detached, apathetic, forgetful, irresponsible, unassertive, stubborn, passive-aggressive, self-forgetting


Famous People:

Dalai Lama, Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Ronald Reagan, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Grace of Monaco, Walt Disney, Sophia Loren, Kevin Costner, Keanu Reeves, Whoopi Goldberg, Barack Obama.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

– Dalai Lama

From my coaching experience:

The man was recently raised to the position of the head of the department as he had been effectively helping newly come colleagues to learn and adapt. He loves his job. He is energetic, diligent, hard-working, patient, respectful. After conducting several regular meetings, he realized that he couldn’t stand the arguments, by far heated disputes. Nor did he knew how to handle them. His reaction to high-pitched conversations was the desire to escape. Since he couldn’t do physically, he did it psychologically by tuning out and traveling in his imagination to his favorite place of power: Tibet. He imagined himself sitting on the top of the high mountains, meditating in the tranquility of the serene and beautiful landscape. His avoidance of conflict and anger helps him to be a great supportive colleague but not as an effective leader.

  • Core beliefs:

My needs and desires are not important.
Aggression, anger, and conflicts are bad.
I have to be peaceful and nice to stay with others.

  • Core fear:

I’m afraid to be alone or in conflict with others.

  • Basic desires:

To have serenity and peace of mind.
To create harmony in their environment.
Merge with something or someone else.

  • Basic strategy:

To maintain harmonious relationships with others and avoid conflicts and tension suppressing own needs and desires.

Growth path

The key steps of growth:

(based on my coaching experience of type 9 clients)

  • Realize your desire to be agreeable with the others suppressing your own needs and desires.

  • Learn to state your needs and desires.

  • Restore the contact with your emotions, especially anger, and express them promptly.

  • I can help you form key habits for this type that are like antidotes, free you from unhealthy habits. But first it’s better to start from the typing session


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