Twos are most focused on relationships and love (in all its manifestations). At their best, Twos are naturally attentive to others. They like to take care of others, help them, support them. Two intuitively understand their counterparts needs.

Usually Twos are extroverted, have a wide circle of acquaintances, and they quickly turn their acquaintance into friends. They zealously guard their relationship and want to be especially important to their friends and close one. One of my type 2 clients constantly and skillfully during every session tried to turn our relationship from client – coach to friend – friend. Every time I pointed it out to him, he seemed surprised and apologetic as he was unconsciously doing the same with everyone.

Twos want to be influential and invisible at the same time. They are kind, attentive, supportive colleagues and teammates.

Type 2 are generous, giving and have hard time taking. They also have difficulty expressing their own needs. Twos have this strong desire to care about others. It could have been quite a healthy altruistic motive, if Twos did it without suppressing their own needs. They sincerely believe that they are fine and that others are more in need of their help. As a result, they often feel resentment by not getting in response for their care enough of gratitude and attention, not noticing that it is them who break the balance of give-&-take in the relationship, unable to either ask or take. As a result they often indulge into hedonistic habits to somehow even out this balance for themselves.

Twos are sensitive and emotional and can easily cry. They are “teddy bears” of Enneagram as they like to hug, cuddle.

For Twos it is important to be accepted, liked, loved.  They have an exaggerated need to be needed, to be valuable. They love when others express their gratitude for their act of care or love. In fact, they confuse love and gratitude.

At their best

They are empathetic, loving, friendly, caring, sensitive, giving, generous, forgiving, flexible

When they are unhealthy

They are intrusive, possessive, jealous, seductive, manipulative, anguished, overindulgent


Famous People:

Mother Teresa, Celine Dion, Eleanor Roosevelt, Luciano Pavarotti, Barbara Bush.

The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action”

– Mother Theresa

From my coaching experience:

The client, a hard-working, diligent pharmacist was constantly asked by her colleagues to work during holidays and uncomfortable hours. While everybody celebrated New Year’s Eve, she would sell medicines. If she was not selling medicine, she would be asked by her sister to baby sit her little nephew. She had hard time saying “No”, while it seemed like people took her kindness for granted. But every time she raised the topic of unfair give-and-take, she did it so awkwardly that people would try to distance from her after that, so she stopped trying.

  • Core belief:

I must take care of the person in order to get him/her to love me.

To take care of myself is selfish.

  • Core fear:

I’m afraid to be unworthy of love.

  • Basic desire:

To be loved, valued.

  • Basic strategy:

“Give to get” strategy: they suppress their needs and desires and compulsively care about the significant others in order to receive gratitude and appreciation from them. 

Growth path

The key steps of growth:

(based on my coaching experience of type 2 clients)

  • Be aware when you suppress your own needs for the sake of satisfaction of others seeking gratitude in return.

  • Practice focusing on your own needs, not whimsical desires that distract you from your true needs.

  • Practice asking for help directly.

  • Practice accepting “No” from others without resentment.

  • I can help you form key habits for this type that are like antidotes, free you from unhealthy habits. But first it’s better to start from the typing session


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