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There is life before and after Enneagram..

I’m fascinated by the efficiency and practicality of Enneagram. It brings light to your core subconscious beliefs that have been hidden from you all this time but that shaped all your life. You are one just one step, one typing session away from clarity.

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With extreme precision, it pinpoints your unique starting place and from that creates a specific roadmap to your potential.



The integrative yet individual approach increases the efficiency saving time and money spent on self-development path.



Its holistic system impacts all dimensions of your life: mental, emotional and physical thus improving overall well-being.

What is Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a modern scientific psychoanalytic diagnostic system that allows us to understand our core unconscious beliefs, that actualize what we think, feel in relation to the world, others and ourselves and how we act. Unlike all other typologies Enneagram not only describes personal qualities, it also gives you an understanding of your main motives, defense mechanisms, and unconscious fears, which lie in the subconscious layers of your personality. I call it an individual psychological armor that we put on in early childhood, when we were not self-aware. But that’s not all.

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How to discover my type?

One 60-minute session via Zoom, Skype or any other video chat platform is the most efficient way to identify one of the nine Enneagram types that describes your unconscious core beliefs that form your main life strategies. The typing session is a friendly chat with general questions, sometimes asking for a bit more explanation, examples, clarification, etc. Unlike free Enneagram tests, it gives you precise answers right away.

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What they say about me

I’m very grateful to Natasha for helping me understand my main behavioral patterns and how unhealthy it was for me, which I had never even been aware of before! I’m also grateful to her for helping me discover my potential with help of coaching with Natasha.

Anna Zakharchenko


The priceless knowledge of my type helped me understand my typical reactions, my own strengths and energy sources. What I unconsciously lived with all my life, finally came to the light. Natalie also helped me understand what to do with all this, what to change, and what is really worth making friends with.

Dima Pogrebitsky


Having identified my type helped me understand myself, the root cause of my negative emotions and thoughts. It opened up possibilities for my growth and achieving my goals.
I liked the session with Natalie as it was pleasant and fun, and her explanation was easy to understand.

Sophia Bond


Natalie was super accepting and kind to work with. I had been so conflicted about my Enneagram type and having her figure it out for me has let me move onto focusing on growth and freedom.

Kylie Grayston


I was amazed after such a quick conversation with Natalie that she was able to pick my type. It was an easy relaxed chat and can recommend to anyone who is still working out where they fit in the enneagram.

Susannah Ally


Natalie took the complication out of finding my exact core type. She explained everything very thoroughly and put me on the right path for self growth. Very positive and helpful experience.😊

Amanda Meadows


It was very helpful to have Natalie, an unbiased outsider, see clearly and cut through my mental fog to identify my type. She did so very efficiently. She identified for me the differences between types I was struggling between in ways I hadn’t heard put so clearly before. I am not sure I would have been able to see it without her. She was kind and addressed my concerns and questions.


Kaley B.


Natalie is the Enneagram expert that asks the right questions, as a true researcher analyses what you say so that you can enjoy the practical benefits of knowing your Enneagram type. I’m grateful for that. I recommend her.

Ivan Formaniuk


I was lost in the enneagram theory and I was wondering if I am a 4 or a 6 and Natalie helped me a lot. I like how she was understanding my stress and was really nice. Discovering my type was super useful for me because now I can realize my unhealthy behaviors and work on them. Knowing my type helps me express my feelings better, make great relationships, especially with my boyfriend. I know myself better, my needs, my art.

Kinga Klaudia Weronska


why me?

I know what to look for

I am a certified coach and a Master of Enneagram. But certificates are not as important as my own experience and expertise in using Enneagram at maximum potential.

Using Enneagram coaching and training tools and techniques, I will help you develop crucial self-development skills, overlooked by the educational system, that will create an inner framework for your constant level-up.

Using Enneagram I will help you identify your deepest unconscious beliefs that have created your unproductive emotional, mental, and behavioral habits. I will also help you form new beliefs and mental habits that allow you to grow and thrive.

Applying Enneagram to your emotional intelligence domain, I will help you form the key skills that will enable you to use the emotions and desires as driving force in your growth path.

With my help you form skills and habits that will enable you to take actions, follow through and achieve your goals again and again, overcoming blocks specific for your Enneagram type. 


What is Enneagram?

   I’m fascinated by the practicality and efficiency of Enneagram. It gives you a profound understanding of yourself and others, improves your relationship with them, and, as a result, your overall life satisfaction. 
   Watch this video to get the main concept of Enneagram. 
   You can read a short description of each Enneagram type here.

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Whatever you do or don’t do, you hope it will make you feel good. Enneagram immediately shows you the shortcut to this better place where you will feel happy, satisfied, fulfilled without any side effects 🙂

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