Eights are natural leaders that ingeniously organize others around them to achieve their goals. They inspire others and value hard work and commitment. In a stressful situation, they don’t lose control, leading others out of it.

Eights are charismatic, compelling, fearless conquerors, they are able to instill a sense of dominance. They are confident, and not afraid of confrontation. Some even love it. Their motto: “What does not kill me, makes me stronger.”
Power is an important value for Eights. They unconsciously divide all people into strong and weak. They respect strength in others, even if they are in conflict with them. They do not respect weak personalities, treat them with contempt. They can protect the weak if those are part of their tribe. In turn, they require submission and devotion. More than any other type, a healthy Eight has the gift of leading other people, unlocking their real potential, giving them support, rather than competing with them. A big heart is hidden under the shining armor of Eights.
They zealously protect and care about their children as part of their tribe.
They are very responsible and reliable. They have a “sixth sense” about justice and finding the perpetrators. If Eights feel injustice, they have a strong desire to fight it. They are not aware that the motivation for their aggression is not injustice but rather to feel aliveness during the fight. So it’s not a fight for the sake of instituting justice, but rather looking for injustice to feel empowered.
Eights know what they want from life. They are in good contact with their desires. They feel them instantly and get very impatient. It can be all kinds of pleasures: delicious food, physical touch, pleasant or entertaining experience. If something happens contrary to their desires, they can easily become aggressive, directive, and resentful. They can open their well hidden and well protected vulnerable side, only if they feel trust in someone, which happens very rarely.
They are quite insensitive to the others. It’s not intentional. “Heavy protective armor” makes them less sensitive to the boundaries of the others. Therefore, only quite energetic signals of the others make Eights notice that they stepped on the foreign territory. Which is OK with them as they are used to expansion. While they value and protect their own independence and autonomy.

At their best

They are decisive, confident, direct. energetic, commanding, empowering, authoritative, loyal, purposeful

When they are unhealthy

They are controlling, excessive, pugnacious, insensitive, dictatorial, aggressive, self-centered, suspicious, vengeful


Famous People:

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi, Marlon Brando, John Wayne, Sean Connery, Lee Iacocca, Donald Trump, Frank Sinatra, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, Napoleon.

“There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man.”

– Sean Connery

From my coaching experience:

The woman is the owner of many successful businesses that she manages on a daily basis. She has 5 children and she takes care of them all, even though the older children get, the more difficult the relationship becomes. Because she can’t take them as equal. Equal for her means opponent whom she has a subconscious desire to conquer and dominate. She has had a problem finding the life partner as she has to command and control. As soon as she feels that a partner submits, she stops respecting him. And sooner or later abandons him for another. On the other hand, a relationship with an equally strong partner turns home into a battlefield. So she’s successful in her business and not so much in her personal life. Only allowing her to be vulnerable with a partner and learning to respect the other qualities besides strength made her last marriage work.

  • Core beliefs:

Life is a fight. I need to be strong to survive.
I have to be strong so that no one can hurt me.
I’d rather be invincible than loved.

  • Core fear:

I’m afraid to be weak, vulnerable, unprotected, hurt.

  • Basic desire:

To be invincible.

  • Basic strategy:

To protect oneself by controlling, dominating, expanding.
The best defense is an attack.

Growth path

The key steps of growth:

(based on my coaching experience of type 8 clients)

  • Realize your desire to dominate and control.

  • Be aware of how you avoid being vulnerable at any cost.

  • Learn to accept and respect others’ desires, needs, opinions.

  • I can help you form key habits for this type that are like antidotes, free you from unhealthy habits. But first it’s better to start from the typing session


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