Enneagram Life Coach
what will you get from coaching with me?

Enneagram is your road map. I will be your guide.

Enneagram is remarkably intelligent leverage that shows with great precision where exactly to put a small effort to achieve extraordinary results. As a certified and, most importantly, experienced business coach and trainer, using various coaching tools and techniques, I will help you make you a few small steps that improve your well-being and life satisfaction despite these unpredictable times. My system works because it doesn’t use your will power. It uses your desire to live a better life and my consistent, holistic, and strictly individual approach. I will also make sure that you will have fun along the way, as I believe, happiness is not a destination, but a journey.


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Why am I passionate about Enneagram?

Because it is very efficient due to its systematic, holistic, and highly individual approach. It uses the wise principle of leverage intelligently showing the shortcut to achieve goals.

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How do I use Enneagram in coaching?

Enneagram is a magnificent tool that speeds up all the processes. When you come to me with your issue and we discover your type, we can know from the very beginning your main obstacle, that holds you back from having already got what you want by now. So It doesn’t matter what kind of issue you want to sort out, what kind of goal you want to set, Enneagram can help you achieve what you want faster.

Step 1

I help you discover your type, your mental, emotional and behavioral habits that create the biggest obstacles in your life.

Step 2

With my help you will create a realistic plan that will take you to the desired place of destination, using wise and practical shortcuts of Enneagram.

Step 3

You will start your journey and I will be by your side, helping you stay on track, avoid distractions and stay motivated. (I don’t believe in will power as much as in the power of desire and habits.)

Step 4

We will celebrate the small wins, the tiny triumphs, the everyday victories that will take you to your big goals. Which we will also celebrate! 🙂

You are your life manager

I will do my best to help you live a more fulfilling, more satisfying life that you deserve taking into account your unique abilities and resources. I will use my  knowledge and experience to help you reach your desired place of destination. 

Your desire to achieve what you strive for is crucial. How many sessions you will need: one or 3 or 5, only time can tell. As I mentioned before, Enneagram accelerates your reaching the goals.  Make your first step.