and often artistically gifted, Fours have the natural ability to appreciate the beauty. They are very creative and inventive, they value authenticity and aesthetic quality. Fours try to be aesthetically attractive, exceptional, and sometimes go to extremes and may seem extravagant and eccentric in their attempts to be noticed. They hate and avoid mediocrity, ordinary, normalcy. They subconsciously avoid being like everyone else. Fours respect outstanding personalities in the field of their interests: important poets, musicians, gurus, consultants, and often compare themselves to others causing feelings of deficiency and inferiority. This leads to low self-esteem and suffering.

Their sensitivity allows them to immediately and accurately perceive the moods and feelings of other people, the atmosphere of places. Fours draw their energy from others. Fours love deep and intimate relationships.

They like to bring a personal touch to everything they do. They give special importance to everything personal and sincere. They prefer to work in such an environment where they are the only specialist in their field and where there is no direct competition. They are very creative and inventive, they value authenticity and aesthetic quality.

They tend to stand out either through their looks or through their lifestyle. Many of them adhere to a special diet, e.g. vegan, or they may try to practice Buddhism, many advocate for the rights of animals, women, sexual or any other minorities. Absorbed by themselves, their suffering, Fours constantly focus on their “uniqueness” and continue to trigger situations where it is emphasized. Scandalous behavior develops a special charm in them. Something dark and forbidden is particularly attractive to Fours.

Emotional and sensitive, their mood can change many times a day like a roller coaster ride. They know the feeling of unyielding happiness and deep sadness. Melancholy is not a negative state for them.

At their best

They are sensitive, empathetic, deep, sincere, expressive, emotional, intuitive, creative, aesthetic, refined

When they are unhealthy

They are moody, melancholic, depressive, envious, self-tormenting, drama queen / king


Famous People:

Claude Monet, Rudolf Nureyev, Ingmar Bergman, J. D. Salinger, Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan, Maria Callas, Edgar Allan Poe, Michael Jackson, Francoise Sagan.

Art must take reality by surprise.

– Françoise Sagan

From my coaching experience:

A woman in her 30’s had a wonderful family, loving and supportive husband and two adorable kids. Deep, sensitive, and compassionate, she wanted to pursue a career as a psychotherapist, but failed to start for many years as she compared herself with others and felt she was not good enough. She was constantly studying thinking that the next education or course will help her get better, but after each course she decided it was not enough and she would enroll in another course or training.

  • Core belief:

I am flawed so I’m not lovable.

Others have something that enables them to be happy, satisfied, loved;.

I am my feelings and emotions.

  • Core fear:

I’m afraid I don’t have my unique identity, my own ‘Self”.

I’m afraid I’m not lovable because I’m not unique, I’m like everyone else.

  • Basic desire:

To find oneself, be a unique and valuable personality.

To earn love through uniqueness.

  • Basic strategy:

Comparing with others, trying to stand out.

Growth path

The key steps of growth:

(based on my coaching experience of type 4 clients)

  • Be aware of your desire to stand out, be unique in the attempt to earn love. Everyone is unique.

  • Stop comparing yourself to the others.

  • Look for inner sources that can make you feel complete.

  • I can help you form key habits for this type that are like antidotes, free you from unhealthy habits. But first it’s better to start from the typing session


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