they are driven by a strong desire for excellence, an ideal vision of the world. They immediately notice EVERYTHING that does NOT correspond to this vision. They are judgmental, objective and rational.

Ones have high inner standards. Duty is more important than pleasure. That is why they are disciplined, orderly, reliable.

Nobleness is a characteristic trait of Ones. They are purposeful, principled, There are many talented teachers, reformers among them, who seek to improve the world. It is difficult for them to accept the imperfection of their own as well as other people.

Ones are perfectionists. They have a highly developed internal critic who restrains their emotions and needs – therefore, they strive to do what is right from the point of view of their critic, instead of what they really want to do. They try to avoid criticism, as they were criticized and punished in childhood. They love to do the job right and well, and you can be sure that they will do their best to do the best.

Ones are serious, responsible and even hyper responsible people and rarely joke at work. They only allow themselves to relax when they have completed their task and are satisfied by the results.

At their best

They are idealistic, serious, dutiful, disciplined, principled, reliable, responsible, prudent, straightforward, well-organized

When they are unhealthy

They are judgmental, inflexible, dogmatic, righteous, controlling, anxious, punitive


Famous People:

Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Harrison Ford, Hillary Clinton.

Probably my worst quality is that I get very passionate about what I think is right.”

– Hillary Clinton

From my coaching experience:

He’s a good looking, well-educated hard-working man. He’s had quite a successful career. He has problems finding a life partner. He easily meets women as he’s charming and eloquent. He’s also good at dating. But after a short while he always finds something about his partner that he can’t tolerate and tries to change. For example, he tried to persuade his last girlfriend that she needed to work out regularly. He had good intentions as he constantly improves himself, too. That’s why he jogs and goes to the gym every other day. At the end of the day she couldn’t stand his constant irritation and discontent when she was reading, watching TV or spending time in FB, while “she could have exercised”. So he somehow implied it was over. Just like with all other women in his life. They were not good enough..

  • Core belief:

The world, me and all other people must strive for excellence.

  • Core fear:

I’m afraid not to match the image of the perfect self, not to meet my own high standards.

  • Basic desire:

To be good, to be perfect.

  • Basic strategy:

The fear manifests through constant criticism of oneself, others and the world around. 

Growth path

The key steps of growth:

(based on my coaching experience of type 1 clients)

  • Recognize your striving for perfection.

  • Notice your impulse to criticize yourself, others, the world for being imperfect (without criticizing it :).

  • Learn to accept your needs, desires and emotions that signal about them. And through that learn to accept yourself without criticism.

  • Practice anything that brings you relaxation, release of tension on any of the three levels: mental, emotional or bodily. Remember: others sense your state, whether it’s tense or relaxed.

  • With help of coaching I can help you go by this growth path faster. In any case first step is to discover your type.


discover your type

You are 1 session away from discovering your type

I know it is difficult to identify your type yourself as it is important to identify the core unconscious beliefs. So let me help you in that. You can save time and money, discovering your type as soon as possible. Knowing your type gives CLARITY.