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Natalie Baks

Successful life is not a result of good luck. It’s a sequence of choices. 


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Get CLARITY on what holds you back in life

In just 1 hour you’ll get a roadmap to the desired place with clearly defined inner roadblocks and resources that you can use at any point in your journey.




The most useful thing was finding out I’m actually #6, how to deal with being a #6 and learning how I work, think, etc, and strategies on how to deal with anxiety and doubt and what to do going forward to be in a happier place, how to get into a more positive mindset 😀🙌
Natalie explains everything so precisely making it so much easier to understand. I would 100% recommend Natalie to anyone. Very knowledgeable 👏💯
I loved getting to explore my type from a professional standpoint of view. Natalie was sweet and helpful and asked me all the right questions to help me find the answers I was looking for! – The biggest benefit is the reassurance that I received from Natalia that has led me to growth even more!
I love her knowledge of the Enneagram. You can easily tell this is her thing! I appreciated her time to listen and to try to explain everything to me. I feel like my knowledge of my type and the Enneagram truly improved since our consultation.

I believe the first step to bettering yourself as an individual is truly knowing who you are. Through my own experience I have discovered the enneagram has been a great tool to guide me through that. Natalie has helped me to identify which type I was and it has brought me so much clarity. I’ve taken several tests that have mistyped me and I began to get confused and discouraged. Thanks to Natalie’s expertise I can now work on my own self development through getting to know more about the RIGHT type that I am and taking the RIGHT steps to get there. I highly recommend someone who knows what they’re doing and Natalie definitely knows her stuff!

This knowledge is profound. Beware of your subconsciousness that might turn on the protective mode and resist revealing deepest unconscious beliefs. Your self-awareness and desire to discover will do the trick and help you in your successful comprehension of all the knowledge.

The cost of this extensive information that I will give you and you will be able use any time, especially when you feel confused or lost, is only 47€. It’s a limited time offer as the regular price for the typing session is 90€.
That’s a tiny investment for the profound knowledge that will guide you till the rest of your life journey.
Simply put, you’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully navigate in all areas of your life, including relationships.
It is a bit more expensive than a book on Enneagram, but reading a book is like learning to drive a car by reading instruction. Besides, reading a book takes longer than a 1-hour session with me and more efforts.
On average a 1-hour typing session with me is around the same cost as some paid on-line tests, but the latter doesn’t give you such a personal approach, and test won’t answer your personal questions, while I will.
I’m not even taking into account free on-line tests which rather narrow down the choice but most of the time leave people more confused than informed.

So now it’s your chance to get all the crucial knowledge about your innate strengths, your potential areas of development that will help you get where you want to be in terms of relationships, work, fulfillment.

Book the typing session to get all these benefits within just 1 hour.

After you book the typing session today, you will also get a free Happiness and Well-being Checklist. 

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Enneagram Life Coach
About Natalie Baks

Natalie is a certified life coach and the Enneagram Master.

She has a Master’s degree in Enneagram, Business Administration, as well as certificates of completion of different courses in the area of coaching, training, consulting.


“Natalie took the complication out of finding my exact core type. She explained everything very thoroughly and put me on the right path for self growth. Very positive and helpful experience.😊”

– Amanda Meadows, USA

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