“I was unhappy about my life, my relationships. Knowing my Enneagram type was a turning point. I understood myself, why I did what I did, why I suffered so much. The most important, how to stop creating my sufferings. I can’t say that I’ve changed a lot. Enneagram was like leverage for me. I changed just a few things about me, but I’m so much happier now!”


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Are you dissatisfied with certain aspects of your life?

Do you want to know what holds you back from getting where you want to be?

And most importantly,

Do you want to get where you want to be in your life?

Hi, I’m Natalie Baks

I’m a certified Master of Enneagram,

a life coach, and a business trainer.

My main achievements are my own happiness

and the satisfaction of my clients. 

I am fascinated by the practicality and efficiency

of Enneagram. It is like an accelerator

that quite effectively improves quality of your life.

Enneagram Life Coach

By discovering your Enneagram type you will understand why you have particular mental, emotional and behavioral habits that cause discomfort, confusion or dissatisfaction, and how you can change that with ease and efficiency. 


You will understand which exact mental, emotional and behavioral habits create certain scenarios in your relationships with others and with the world.


You will know what your strengths are and what exactly you might want to change to have better relationships.  You can also refer to Enneagram when you find yourself lost or confused by what is happening between you and others.


You will enjoy engagement with your family, friends, colleagues, other people and situations that will positively affect your overall life satisfaction.

What people say about typing sessions with me

Amanda Meadows


Chrissy Tiske


Nicole Macias


Dima Pogrebitsky


Kinga Klaudia Weronska


Kylie Grayston


Are you ready to improve your life?

By discovering your type you run the risk of not only improving your relationships with others. A deeper understanding of your core subconscious beliefs enables you to get control over your autopilot giving you the freedom to choose your emotional and behavioral reactions during the interaction with others and increase your overall satisfaction with your relationships and life.

1-hour typing session 

€77  €67

  • 1-hour session (my questions – your answers)
  • customized personal growth recommendations

N.B. This price for a limited period of time, so why not use this opportunity?


1-hour typing session with personalized report


  • 1-hour session (my questions – your answers)
  • personalized report about your identified type sent to your email
  • customized personal growth recommendations

N.B. You pay after the typing session. 

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What is a typing session like?

It’s a 1 to 1 60-minute conversation by Skype, WhatsApp, or any other convenient for you app to make a video call. I will ask general questions about you, sometimes asking you to be a bit more specific or give me examples. 

What is a personalized report?

It’s a printed report about you from the point of you of your Enneagram type, your core subconscious beliefs, and typical life strategies and also the growth path: recommendations as to key changes that have radical positive impact on your life. 

What is an explanatory session?

it’s a live 1 to 1 session where I explain about your type, you can ask your questions to make sure you get complete clarity and understanding. 

What do I do after that?

Now you know. Something that was hidden deep in your subconsciousness has become visible to you. It’s empowering as now you know exactly which unconscious mental, emotional and behavioral habits held you back. The precision of Enneagram allows you to change that efficiently and reap the benefits of life free of unhealthy patterns.  


Typing session is the fastest, most efficient and accurate way

to identify your type and set on the journey to your desired life.

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Let me help you get a clear vision of what holds you back from being where you want to be.

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