When it comes to understanding what  holds you back in life, you don’t need hours of therapy, far too general books or courses, confusing personality tests.

You just need accurate and reliable information to understand your core mental, emotional and behavioral habits that run your life.

Just three 1hr 1-to-1 online sessions will give you full understanding  of what exactly holds you back and the fastest and most efficient way how to free yourself.

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“Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.”


– G.I. Gurdjieff

What exactly you get


With help of quite general questions by the end of the 1st session we will discover your core belief system that shapes your perception of the world, yourself, and others that is the root of all your inner blocks in life. 


With help of the specially developed questionnaire, we will explore which instinctual strategies mix with your core beliefs creating the deepest mental, emotional, and behavioral habits. 


I will guide you to create a simple, actionable, and efficient plan based on profound knowledge about your unique personality system. I will help you integrate it into your daily life to avoid inner resistance and get to the desired place in life easier.

What people say about their benefits

The greatest benefit was my growth in self-awareness and insights how I can improve. Natalie guided me toward a better understanding of myself, as well as my motivations. Since our session I keep realizing new ways in which the session has aided me in my relationships at home, at work and even among friends. It is such a great way to discover one’s inner workings that can hide in blind spots in our minds.
She’s great at what she does.
I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Robert Ferguson


Having identified my type helped me understand myself, the root cause of my negative emotions and thoughts. It opened up possibilities for my growth and achieving my goals.
I liked the session with Natalie as it was pleasant and fun, and her explanation was easy to understand.”

Sophia Bond


Natalie took the complication out of finding my exact core type. She explained everything very thoroughly and put me on the right path for self growth. Very positive and helpful experience.😊.”

Amanda Meadows


Hi, my name is Natalie Baks

I am a certified coach and a Master of Enneagram. But certificates are not as important as my own experience and expertise in using Enneagram at maximum potential.

People come to me with the desire to improve their lives but are confused about how to do so. They’re often dissatisfied after having taken different courses or reading self-help books, overwhelmed by the self-development advice, as those often don’t work for them. Because we’re all different. One size doesn’t fit all. A guru or a book author might be extremely successful and professional, but he/she’s different and what worked for him/her might not be so useful for others. That’s why people get frustrated investing their time, money, efforts in a program that took them that little far down the road.

I love the efficiency, practicality, and individual approach of Enneagram and I use it to empower the person with the roadmap that he/she can use anytime when they feel confused. They can also choose courses and books, clearly understanding if and how they can help them on their journey.

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